Monday, July 22, 2019

Welding Technician Program

Program Description
Trainees will be able to understand the following:

  • Electric current terms: (current, voltage, watt, connectors).
  • Types of current: (Alternating current, Direct current).
  • Arc welding Equipment: (Welding machine, Electrode holder, Ground clamp, cables, steel working table).
  • Arc Welding Requirements: (hammering and modification hammering, chipping chisel, tongs, chipping hammer, wire brush).
  • Protective clothes: (welding face mask, gloves, apron, leather jacket, leather sleeves, leg protective /shield, leather caps).

Welding and Cutting using Oxy-acetylene:
A: Oxyacetylene welding Basics

  • Oxyacetylene welding safety precautions
  • Oxyacetylene welding equipment
  • Oxyacetylene welding requirements
  • Oxyacetylene welding operation

B: Oxyacetylene cutting Basics

  • Oxyacetylene cutting tools
  • Oxyacetylene cutting means

C: Arc Welding Basics / Arc welding - safety precautions

  • Electric current terms
  • Arc welding equipment
  • Arc welding requirements
  • Operating and managing the welding machine
  • Forms of welding joints
  • Filling metals classification systems
  • Graduation project