Monday, July 22, 2019

Steel Structure Technician

Trainees will be able to understand the following:

  • Mechanical properties of steel.
  • Structural analysis of steel frames :
  • Delta and P-Delta Effects. Elastic vs. Plastic analysis, simplified vs. second order analysis, restrained and non restrained frames.
  • Design of structural elements in tension and bending, shear resistance of cross sections, interaction between bending moments and shear forces, interaction between bending moment and axial forces.
  • Classification of cross sections according to EC3, and determination of effective class for sections.
  • Introduction to the study of composite steel concrete structures , behavior of composite steel-concrete beams , design of shear connection using headed stud connectors .

Program Description

  • Introduction & Safety Culture
  • An introduction to pipe: usage, storage, measurements
  • Plastic and steel pipe cutting and outer screwing
  • Formatting steel pipes
  • Fitting pipe accessories: Steel and plastics
  • Skills of cutting , outer screwing, formatting, fitting and unfitting pipes
  • Practical training on extending and weld fitting gas networks: main and sub networks
  • Using Underground pipe fitting, maintenance under pressure
  • Fitting main carriers
  • Graduation project