Sunday, September 15, 2019

Public & Private Corporate Groups

We can offer corporate nominated trainees to be placed in our public groups in accordance with their level of knowledge. We offer closed groups for them and a specialized program to suit their needs.

We offer three regular terms throughout the year. Classes are held once, twice or three times a week for two clock hours (60 minutes), total four clock hours per week in different time slots. We also offer intensive terms in summer lasting for three weeks in July and August. Classes are held every day Monday through Friday for three clock hours throughout a day.

1. Need Analysis
The first step is for us to visit you to discuss further your needs, to look at the type of English your staff need in the workplace, at their background, general aims and objectives, plus the desired pattern of training.

2. Testing
Once you have identified the staff that needs training, we will carry out testing. This consists of a written exam followed by an individual interview with an examiner. The results of the two tests enable us to pinpoint the level of English of that particular employee, and also to ascertain their own individual needs. Testing can take place at the company or at our premises. The test fee is 150 SR per person.

Testing and tuition take place in our building, where we have well equipped classrooms. Or it could be conducted at the workplace, through online testing systems.

3. Choose the right Course
You can choose the course type from our courses. Please note that while General English courses are given at all levels, Most of other English courses are offered at pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate and advanced levels. They are designed to enable business people and students of business to practice a variety of business communication skills. At all levels the lessons are conducted entirely in English, in order to improve students communicative ability.

4. Placement Report
We provide Royal Saudi Air Force RSAF with a placement report, which is based on test results. The placement report shows days and times of classes indicating the first date of studies.

5. Agreement And Invoice
An agreement is signed before the start of the course after the Royal Saudi Air Force RSAF has been informed about the placement results.

The Royal Saudi Air Force RSAF is invoiced for the entire course plan and schedule after the agreement is signed.

The price of one term (40 clock hours / monthly / one level) of studying English per student will be based on:

  • Number of students or trainees
  • Level of students
  • Type of the course
  • The cost of books and online system codes is included in tuition fees

6. Feedback
We operate a system of continuous assessment whereby students receive counselling and guidance based upon their performance in class and at home. We will provide the Royal Saudi Air Force RSAF with a mid-term attendance report. At the end of the course each student receives a report including the course grade received, comments made by the teacher on a students performance and recommendations for future studies. Copies of these reports are also sent to the Royal Saudi Air Force RSAFs management. In addition, upon successful completion of an entire level (false beginners, elementary, pre-intermediate, intermediate, upper-intermediate), students will receive a certificate.