Sunday, September 15, 2019

English Grading

Equivalences of common tests to CEFR levels
Language schools and certificate bodies evaluate their own equivalences against the framework.

Cambridge ESOL
International English Language Testing System
Test of English for International Communication
Paper Based Test
Internet Based Test
AdvancedC2CPE / CAEIELTS 8.5-9.0-850 – 677-
Upper-IntermediateC1CAE, FCEIELTS 6.5-8.0-500 – 550110 -220
IntermediateB2FCEIELTS 5.0-6.0785 – 990 points450 – 50087 -109
Pre-IntermediateB1PETIELTS 4.0-4.5550 – 780 points210 – 45057 -86
ElementaryA2KET3.0225 – 400 points0 - 21045 -57
BeginnerA1no scoredno scored120 – 220 points0 -45

Our Teachers
Our teachers come from a variety of countries and ethnic backgrounds within the English-speaking world. They have internationally recognised teaching qualifications.

Our Approach
Saudi Academy offers English courses that will help students progress by:

  • Practicing all four language skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing, using a variety of classroom activities
  • Studying grammar and vocabulary using a wide range of methods and materials
  • Assessing student progress and giving regular feedback
  • Increasing student confidence through pair and group work
  • Providing enjoyable and interesting activities about real-life situations
  • Offering strategies and resources to help you to learn by yourself.

Our Lessons

On most courses, a student will have one or two regular teachers. When a course has two teachers, they meet regularly to plan lessons and discuss student progress.

To get the most out of the course, a student should arrive on time for class and attend every lesson. A student must attend 80% of full-time courses and 70% of part-time courses to qualify for your certificate of attendance.

Class size
To give a student the attention and time he/she needs, the maximum class size is between 12 - 20 students.

Course materials
We use only the best language course books and materials, designed to make your lessons active, interesting, motivating and fun. We also use video, audio and IT-based activities. We design course materials to meet your specific needs. You will read and hear natural English, and learn to communicate effectively.

Homework and review
Homework is important as it gives you practice and encourages you to take responsibility for your own learning.

Teachers will give homework regularly. Full-time students should do at least two hours of homework and online practice per day, and part-time students should do at least five hours per week.

A student can make notes in his private notebook received when register for a course. A student should organize worksheets in a portfolio, and regularly review the class work. A student can also use the record of work to help to think about and plan homework.

Our Online English Language Learning system offers you a variety of ways to review and improve English by yourself.

In order to maintain and improve a student English, it is better to study and practice regularly over a longer period of time. It is not a good idea to keep stopping and restarting study.

Assessment and Counseling
During the course, our teachers will measure students progress through regular assessment of four skills. This helps students to see what they are doing well and where they need to improve and practice. We call this continuous assessment.

We will give students regular feedback and advice on how to study by themselves outside of class. We believe a student should assess his own work and help them to be better learners.

Our teachers will advise students about next courses. If they feel that a student is not making enough progress, they will give counseling on what they need to do so that they can pass the final exams.

You will receive Saudi Academy certificate at the end of each course / Level successfully completed.To qualify for a certificate, students must attend 80% of classes.

If a student needs a letter to confirm that he is a student at Saudi Academy, we offer letters for corporate or a student sponsor.

If your company sponsors you, we offer an evaluation with a grade for attendance, class participation and language skills. Our teachers will write comments about students strengths, areas to work on, and recommendations for further study. These will be sent directly to employers upon their request.

Your teacher will enter grades and attendance in our student information system (SIS). In the future, you will be able to access this information online. Teachers, Sponsors, admins and students can use this system to monitor progress.