The Saudi Business and Management Center is one of the leading international business centers
It offers a high quality program, business challenge and management as well as executive management development programs through Multi-cultural changing global environment indicators always.

The Saudi Academy designs English language courses tailored to companies according to the nature, environment, requirements and needs of Saudi organizations.
Training general skills (such as presentation and writing skills) that use the European Council’s practical framework. To describe the ability of the language of communication.

The technical and professional vision of the Saudi Academy
We are proud of the achievements of our students in school activities, professional and additional curriculum, the academic students of Saudi Arabia is among the best in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the fields of technical and professional skill, where our vision gain market advantage as a provider of premium technical courses, where we are working to evaluate students’ competence under the approved and standards Encourage them to get better jobs.

And aspires Computer Information Technology Center in Saudi Academy to be one of the most important computer schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Middle East and has been invested an estimated effort and resources considering to reach this goal.

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