1-     Our Organization

Saudi Academy is an academic institution which provides training services for languages in general, and especially for the English language; we have a huge reputation of excellence in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with a long history of experience which has lasted for 33 years (from 1402/1983). We have the experts which your organization is in great need for to be able to face future challenges. Our academic authority, therefore, is based on a solid ground of highly qualified academic members, teachers, and local and native trainers, who give hundreds of courses each year.

2-     Training Services for Companies & Educational Organizations

We provide specialized training services for different fields like banks, factories, private and governmental sectors, ministries as well as different local and international authorities. Saudi Academy has also provided a comprehensive consultant & training solution to the Arab Open University (AOU) for the period between its establishment in 2003 till 2016; a period during which our training services have benefited thousands of students, both male and female, with an average which exceeded 5000 students per year. Those students successfully joined different faculties after passing the qualification year which was exclusively run by Saudi Academy. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the management of the program, the academy co-established it in cooperation with the AOU in the first place.

3-     Who are you… what are you seeking?

 Our customized training programs help the participants carry out the duties of their jobs with more efficiency by improving their communication skills in English. The programs are specially designed to meet the requirements of the daily language used at work in the different Saudi sectors; we can certainly help you with your professional development whether your career is medical, IT, banking, wholesale or retail.

4-     Needs Analysis:

Saudi Academy offers a number of ESP (English for specific purposes) courses; they vary from business English to vocational/ technical English used in factories or other workplaces of the kind. The courses are both predesigned and designed upon request as well to improve the communication skills of the trainees in English. The content of our curricula is a unique mixture of business English, English for technicians as well as an enhancement of the related soft skills language used in presentation skills or writing emails.

5-     Content

Providing specially customized ESP courses requires a thorough analysis of the needs of the potential trainees. This is to be carried out by meeting the manager of the organization as well as surveying the needs of the potential learners themselves before a draft of the technical proposal is prepared for the final approval of the content. 

6-     Methodology
All of our courses whether ESP, business English or vocational/ technical English focus on practically developing the skills and strategies of communication. We mainly rely on the communicative and stimulative approaches. The courses are meant to improve the oral and verbal communication skills of the trainees; they also include the relative linguistic inputs, debate styles and a simulation of the above mentioned work documentation samples.

7-     Trainers

Our qualified trainers are both native and non-native speakers; either of the two parties has gained international experience in the English training field. Our corporate training team have proven experience in customizing ESP courses based on the needs of each individual company; they have always come up with guaranteed and motivating courses.


8-     Evaluation

The participants in any of the courses are continually evaluated using our “Continual Appraisal System (CAS)”, where a number of tasks are spread over the course. A minimum of 5 tasks must be achieved for passing the course and for the sake of performance tracking as well.

9-     Courses Material

Our customized training programs don’t use the traditional course books; there no identical training programs. The course material is prepared upon the request of the client. The trainees receive a folder containing the materials of their course and these will be the produced materials of the training team for this particular course.

10-   Quality Assurance

Saudi Academy follows a strict international quality assurance method. Our quality assurance criteria and KPIs are revisited and reviewed every 3 years to make sure we are matching the international pace in the training market.  This process includes:   

o   Training Quality

o   The services offered to clients

o   The Quality of our products

Joining our Corporate Training Programs 

Your employees can easily enroll themselves on our general courses based on their levels. We offer 3 regular semesters throughout the Gregorian year. Each semester includes 5 classes per week, 2 hours each, so that the total is 40 hours per month. In the summer, we have scheduled intensive classes for 3 weeks in July and August. The classes are from Sunday to Thursday, 3 hours a day. 

1-     Needs Analysis
The first step for us is to arrange a meeting to discuss your additional needs on one hand, and to decide which usage of the English language is most beneficial to you at your workplace based on the trainees’ backgrounds and professional targets.  
2-     Testing
To decide which of your employees are going to join the training, we will set a paper placement test, followed by an interview by one of our examiners. The results enable us to determine the English language level of each of the employees as well as their individual needs; the test can be held at your company or at our venue in our equipped course rooms and labs.
(Placement Tests may incur some charges – yet minimal)

3-     Choosing the right course

How can you make the right choice on any of our courses? It’s important to note that our courses vary, based on the level of the course and/or the level of the trainees themselves. The variance can also be qualitative or quantitative, especially in cases of ESP course dedicated to business, finance, accounting or any of the so many other possible examples.   The same thing applies to levels whether preliminary, foundation, beginner, intermediate or advanced; all of which have been designed to help businessmen and individuals in the same field to communicate and interact effectively.

4-     Placement Test 
A placement test is held for all nominated candidates who are willing to develop their academic abilities; the test by which each applicant will be placed in the appropriate level. 

5-     Placement  Test  Results  Report
Our clients receive a report with the results of the placement test; the report also includes the schedule of the relevant levels’ classes: days, timings and the starting date as well.

6-     Results & Reports
We, at Saudi Academy, apply a continual evaluating system by which the trainees receive the appropriate advice and guidance with regards to their academic performance in and out of the classroom. We provide our clients with a mid-term report as well as a final report. Each trainee receives a report with their grades and comments by their tutors in addition to future academic recommendations.  A copy of this report is sent to the general administration of the company. The trainees receive a certificate of the courses and levels attended after passing the full course.

7-     Financial Agreement
The agreement, as per which the tests are held and the final certificates are issued, is signed before the placement tests are held. The price (a level is 40 hours a month, one level only) is determined based on:

  • number of students/trainees
  • level of students/trainees
  • course level
  • The cost of the course books, the use of PCs, Internet access and all other materials; the cost of all the mentioned items are included in the course fees.

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