Business Management Center in Saudi Academy : 

The center aims at enabling individuals to communicate more effectively across the borders and the different cultural backgrounds. It leads those individuals to professional and personal development. Its value stretches to business owners and directors, deepening their global understanding of business.

Business Management Center:  Vision

Saudi Academy’s business management center is one of the international pioneer centers. It offers high quality training programs as well as:

The training programs are divided into 3 levels:  leadership, supervision and executive levels:

  • Leadership :

It includes leadership titles which require the occupying people to suggest strategies, cooperate in the process preparing the general strategies and to supervise the implementation phase as well as leading all the related administrational and supervising people towards achieving the organizational goals.

This level includes training programs and workshops in strategical planning, change management, leadership skills, crisis management, etc.  

  • Supervision:

It includes the different positions whose occupiers have to suggest plans and executive programs as well as playing an instructional role for other colleagues to get their tasks done. This level also includes the skills of supervision and organization, etc.  

  • Executive:

It includes all the positions where the employees are required to support and communicate actively with other colleagues. This includes behavioral skills like communication and teamwork. 



Negotiation Skills  (workshop)

Establishing Organizational Abilities (workshop)

Crisis Management (workshop)

Strategic Management

Management of Change

Strategic Planning

Problems Analysis & Decision Making

Improving Leadership Skills

Organizational Performance Management

Planning, Control & Evaluation Skills

Improving Supervising Skills

Business Organization & Development

Basic Administrational Skills Development

Detailed Professional Plans Preparation & Implementation

Communication Skills

Teamwork Skills

New Staff Members Orientation

Business Management Brochure

Human Resources New Methods and Skills Development

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