Saudi Academy is a training services provider which has contributed to the welfare of the international community as well as Saudi Arabia since 1983. Our centers are scattered around Riyadh and the Eastern Province for both language and vocational training; our services are available for individuals as well as the employees of companies and factories all over the world.

    We are proud to have made great contributions over the last three decades to the development of different educational curricula, business management courses, commercial programs and IT courses as well. This has been offered to individuals, companies and universities. Saudi Academy has gained a huge reputation for its short-term training programs which are designed and customized by our specialists and consultants in the related specialization. We, at Saudi Academy, work around the clock to keep up with the demands and needs of the training market in Saudi Arabia. The academy has recently made sweeping changes and advancements in all of our programs and training courses to match the criteria set by the main accreditation bodies so that our training programs and courses can be accredited.

We offer:

  • English Training & International Evaluation Programs
  • Business Management & Business Administration
  • Professional & Vocational Training
  • IT & Computing Training Programs

          Our main goal is to provide our customers with cost-effective, high quality and value training programs in a timely manner. We exert the most we can in our efforts to maintain the same quality and value compared to the international standards in education and training.

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